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Welcome to Lothlorien Woodworking, builders of custom designed wood windows and doors. Our shop is located in rural Eastern Ontario, Canada, and we serve customers both locally and further afield- Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New York... We have the flexibility to build one window, or to re-fit a 200 year old commercial building with heritage replication windows and doors. Our normal working material is Eastern White Pine, the wood used to build much of the architecture around us now.

There is a huge range of glazing choices available and we have access to every product on the market. Triple glazing with super spacer and krypton gas fill is one of the better insulating examples. For some customers we’ve supplied new hand-blown single glass in the main window with storm windows outside. Because modern weatherstripping allows us to build an airtight window, this is much warmer than the original would have been. The most common glass option is probably dual glazing with a Low-E coating and argon gas filling the inner space.

An increasing number of people experience extreme chemical sensitivities. We’ve found ourselves helping these families choose alternate natural materials for windows and doors when they are doing renovations or new construction- pine resins are often a problem. White Oak, ash and Douglas Fir can provide a benign environment. We also have to pay attention to thermal glazing sealants and wood finishes.

Windows. It has always been our goal to build a custom product to the most energy-efficient level possible, and to this end we have developed a series of ‘modern’ window designs in the different opening styles. Over the years our design flexibility has attracted heritage replication work, where thermal performance is not always the first consideration. This leads to compromises in design- every project is a special case. It is this “total custom design” approach which is really our specialty. Many manufacturers will build custom sizes of their standard designs, but we can modify frame cross-sections, sash mouldings, muntin bar size, weatherstrip detail, hardware. As well, we can pre-finish the interior and exterior surfaces.

Call or e-mail us to discuss a project or idea of your own.
If we don't have what you need, we will be glad to steer you to another supplier.

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