Lothlorien Woodworking.
Builders of Fine Quality Windows and Doors.
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The Company.

Lothlorien Woodworking. Let us introduce ourselves..... I am John Inglis, owner and the guy who started doing this in 1978. I come from an engineering background, which turns out to be surprisingly appropriate in the design-and-build process we use here. I work with Dale, who has 20 years production experience, and his wife Sharon who masterfully does most of the painting. When things get busy we bring in Chris- trained as a machinist and running his own renovation business when not in this shop. Building windows and doors from unplaned, dry lumber, is a highly skilled job, as precise as building fine furniture. We regularly work to tolerances of 6 thousandths of an inch, and it may be the demands of consistently building a good product that has kept me fascinated with this business over the years.

Lothlorien Woodworking. Our company name is of course from “Lord of The Rings”, the classic Tolkien fantasy in which Lothlorien is the forest of the elves where no evil can enter. It just happens that we’re located on a piece of land with lots of beautiful forest. We are closest to Ottawa as a major urban market, but also within 5 hours of Toronto and Montreal. We have done many deliveries to the New York City area as well as the Hamptons on Long Island. For large orders the deliveries are at no extra cost.

Frequently with window and door replacements we are asked to provide installation service, and we do this by subcontracting to crews we’ve worked with before. You the customer deal with us the manufacturer for both supply and installation, and we take responsibility for both.

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